Oracle 10g New Features

Length: 2 Days
Audience: Managers, Programmers, Analysts, Users, and Database Administrators familiar with the Oracle DBMS.
Prerequisites: Familiarity with the Oracle DBMS
Overview: This course presents an overview of new features and enhancements introduced to the Oracle DBMS in Oracle 10g. Attendees should already be familiar with the general features available in earlier releases of Oracle.
The course can be presented entirely as lectures and demonstrations or attendees could interact with the system to evaluate the new features.
Topics discussed include:
  • Application Development (SQL & PL/SQL Enhancements)
    • Data Type Changes
    • Object-Oriented Concepts
    • Expression Filter Type
    • Regular Expressions
    • Multiset Operations
    • SQL* Plus Enhancements
    • PL/SQL Enhancements
  • SQL Enhancements
    • MERGE Statement
    • Hierarchic Queries
    • Interrow Calculations
    • Partitioned Outer Join
  • Loading and Unloading Data
    • Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces
    • External Tables Unload
    • Data Pump Export and Import
  • Improved VLDB Support
    • Bigfile Tablespaces
    • Global Partitioned Indexes - Hash Partitioning
    • Local Partitioned Indexes Manageability Improvements
  • The Scheduler
    • Scheduler Features
    • Privileges for Scheduler Components
    • Calendaring Expressions
  • System Management
    • Optimizer Statistics Collection
    • Undo Retention
    • Default User Tablespace
    • Multiple Default Temporary Tablespaces
    • Temporary Tablespace Groups
  • Advanced Features
    • Resumable Space Allocation Enhancements
    • Collection Enhancements
  • Desupported and Deprecated Features
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