Oracle 10g PL/SQL Programming

Length: 3 Days
Audience: Programmers and Database Administrators responsible for the development or maintenance of application systems which access an Oracle database.
Prerequisites: Oracle10g SQL & SQL*Plus and knowledge of a procedural language (e.g., COBOL, C).
Overview: The course provides a comprehensive examination of PL/SQL, Oracle's procedural language extension to SQL. PL/SQL offers procedural integrity, security enhancements, and performance gains in a client-server environment. PL/SQL can be executed from SQL*Plus, embedded within a host language, or reside and execute on the server. PL/SQL is also used to code triggers in Oracle Forms and Reports. PL/SQL will be of particular interest to individuals developing applications in a client-server environment.
Topics discussed include:
  • Overview of PL/SQL
  • Variables and Constants
    • Identifiers
    • Datatypes
    • Variables
    • Expressions
  • PL/SQL Executable Statements
    • Control Structures
    • Conditional Statements
    • Loops
  • Embedding SQL Within PL/SQL
    • Implicit Cursors
    • Explicit Cursors
    • Parameterized Cursors
    • Transaction Processing
    • Cursor Variables
  • PL/SQL in the SQL*Plus Environment
  • Handling Exceptions
    • Predefined Exceptions
    • User-Defined Exceptions
    • RAISE Statement
    • Propogation of Exceptions
  • PL/SQL Built-in Functions
  • Subprograms
    • Procedures
    • Functions
    • Parameter Modes
    • RETURN Statement
    • Overloading
    • Recursion
  • PL/SQL on the Server
    • Stored Procedures
    • Stored Functions
    • Triggers
    • Packages
  • Using Predefined Packages
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