Company Overview

Company History

Tim Hartley and Associates has been in operation since 1989. The company was originally a sole proprietorship, but became a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in August of 1996. The conversion to an LLC was performed in compliance with the Connecticut Limited Liability Company Act , C. G. S. Sec. 34-100 et seq.


Tim Hartley and Associates, LLC provides computer consulting and professional training services, specializing in database management systems. Our staff has extensive experience working with Oracle's RDBMS from version 5. Our staff is also experienced with DB2, having worked with the product since its initial availability in the mainframe environment under the MVS operating system.

We have performed many functions for our clients, including the following:
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle RDBMS and client software
  • Construction of simple and complex data models
  • Development of client/server applications using Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports
  • Configuration of Oracle's Advanced Replication software
  • Tuning of of Oracle RDBMS server for application with over 5000 tables
  • Remote database administration

Professional Training

The company's focus is on professional training. Our instructors have "real world" experience with the software products they teach. Our consultants are also our trainers. This takes a special type of person -- someone who can work with technology and also communicate with people. When one of our instructors steps into a classroom, students are assured of a great opportunity to learn today's technology. Although we are based in the northeast, our instructors have traveled across the United States and Canada to provide professional training courses.

We offer alternative delivery options to fit your needs.