Education Philosophy

Learning by Doing

Learning can be defined as the process by which changes in behavior result from experience or practice. The "experience or practice" aspect of this definition is especially important when applied to computer technology. We believe that the best way to learn about new technology is to immediately work with that technology. Simply hearing someone describe how a technology is intended to work does not provide the experience or practice we consider critical in learning.

Providing Experience

Many of our courses include a combination of lecture and workshops intended to provide the student with firsthand experience. The workshops vary in degree of difficulty. The more challenging workshops require "original thinking" to develop solutions to complex problems.

Educators and Practitioners

Because we believe the best way to learn is by doing, our instructors bring more than theory to the classroom. Our instructors have worked with the technology they teach. This provides the student with the additional benefit of hearing about innovative solutions to problems faced by real businesses. This also ensures that the workshops will provide practical experience which can be immediately applied by the student on their own job.