Oracle Scripts

The following files are software tools we use when visiting a new client site. They allow our consultants to examine the Oracle data dictionary to investigate the existing application data base. We also explain how to write similar scripts in our training classes. Feel free to download and use these files. We ask only that you do not remove the copyright notice. Please let us know if you find these utilities useful.
tables.sql - List table descriptions for a specified schema
objects.sql - List objects for a specified schema
setdate.sql - Set current date in SQL*Plus variable
constr.sql - List constraints on tables of a specified schema
concols.sql - Report details of column constraints on tables
indexes.sql - List all indexes on tables of a specified schema
indcols.sql - List columns in indexes on tables of a specified schema
rowcount.sql - Report number of rows in each table of a specified schema (PL/SQL)